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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Kick-Ass (2010) - Run time: 1h58min


Teenager Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) is a comic book lover who decides to become a real life superhero and fight crime on the streets of New York. He orders a wet suite off the Internet and turns himself into Kick-Ass. Along the way, he meets Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and his daughter Hit-Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) who are fighting their own battle against the drug lord who framed Big Daddy (an ex cop) years ago and sent him to jail.


I'll tell you right now, I'm not into comics - at all. I also tend not to really enjoy movies based on comics (as Kick-Ass is). I watched Batman when I was younger and it was ok - but it didn't really do anything for me. I don't think I've even SEEN X-Men or The Watchmen, and don't really have any plans to. Having said that, when I saw the trailer for Kick-Ass a few months ago, I knew instantly it was one I wanted to see. Unlike most comic book movies that seem to take themselves too seriously, Kick-Ass looked extremely funny. After seeing the movie I have to say that it is NOT AT ALL what I expected, but in a good way. It was definitely funny (even funnier than I anticipated) but it was also, umm, I don't even really know how to describe it!! When you watch the trailer, it looks like some silly Power Rangers version of a super hero movie made for teenage boys. I have to admit I didn't even look at the rating when I went to see it but now I definitely know why it earned the 18+ (or R for you Americans out there). It was INSANE!! Imagine Kill Bill, only with a geeky teenage boy for a hero and a foul mouthed 11 year old in the part of Uma Thurman. Literally, it was that gory and violent.

So here's the deal, I LOVED it - I honestly could not believe how much I liked that movie. BUT, for all you parents out there I highly recommend NOT letting anyone under the age of AT LEAST 15 see this movie, and even then, it's pushing it. It is extremely violent and gory and is filled with bad language and even some nudity. If you didn't like Kill Bill because of the violence and language then you definitely won't like this. I've read several articles on this movie and critics are really divided over it. There has even been a bit of controversy over the things said by the 11 year old star (Moretz). Personally, I think she was hilarious, and did an amazing job considering the challenges of the role and her age. Nicolas Cage was also fantastic in this movie, but I pretty much love all of his stuff (with the exception of the odd few bombs he's been in). He somehow manages to make a completely deranged man who CLEARLY shouldn't be a parent into a completely lovable character. As for the movie's main star (Johnson), all I can say is I have a major crush on this kid now. I have a soft spot for those geeky yet lovable characters and he plays it to a T. Right from the start you root for him to get the girl and outsmart the bad guys and he keeps you hooked up until the very end.

On a side note, since developing my ridiculous crush on Johnson - I did what any good female fan would do and googled him. He is actually a little older than I thought he was in the movie (19), but during my google search I came across a startling piece of trivia. Apparently, while filming another movie he started dating the film's 43 YEAR OLD DIRECTOR!!! They are now engaged and she is pregnant - ewwww. I still think he's adorable though!!

Anyway, back to the movie. If you love action movies and comedies and aren't offended by foul language and dirty jokes then you should definitely see this movie. If hearing an 11 year old girl say the words c*ck and c*nt is going to be morally offensive to you, then steer clear of this film.

Rating 9/10 - a solid 9, maybe even a 10 to be honest - although I'll stick with a 9 just because of all the gore and language.

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  1. I also liked this movie, which surprised me because I didn't think I would at all. :-) Good review!